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A typical bitcoin script allows us to have some degrees of control over “whether an amount of money can be used or not” in a single transaction. By adopting PUSH_TX technology, Stateful Contract allows us to extend this control beyond a single transaction, to ensure consecutiveness between a single transaction and its subsequent transactions. Based on the existing technology, we propose Sensible Contract and its corresponding implementation. By verifying the signatures of critical fields from different contracts, a single bitcoin script can now perceive and distinguish different contract types, therefore, it has acquired the ability to detect the forged contracts from untrusted parties and do backward-tracing to its original transaction. On this basis, Sensible Contract provides the capability for multiple contracts from different inputs to identify and collaborate with other contracts within a single transaction. Furthermore, by perceiving, identifying, distinguishing, responding to, and collaborating by recognizing the features of different contracts, any single contract, as a minimal independent action unit, can acquire the ability to establish relevance to all contracts across all transactions on the blockchain. In particular, this capability is inherent in the current bitcoin script system. As you can see from the use cases we provide, this capability can be achieved within the scope of the existing bitcoin script opcodes set.


典型的比特币脚本,允许我们对单次交易中,“单笔资金是否可被使用” 进行一定程度的控制。通过运用 PUSH_TX 技术,有状态的合约允许我们将这种控制能力向后延伸,从而保证单次交易及其后继交易之间的延续性。基于已有技术,我们提出 感应合约 的技术方案和对应实现,通过对比不同合约的签名特征,使得单个比特币脚本得以感知并区分不同的合约类型,从而使其获得了 鉴伪及溯源 的能力。在此基础上,感应合约提供了同一笔交易内,多个输入上的不同合约相互识别并协作的能力。更进一步,通过对不同合约特征的感知,识别,区分,响应与协作,任何一个单一合约,作为一个最小的独立行动单元,可以获得与整个区块链上所有合约 建立相关性 的能力。需要特别指出的是,这种能力是当前比特币脚本所固有的能力。从我们提供的用例可以看出,对这种能力的运用,在现有的比特币脚本操作码集合内即可完成。

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