Applications, Services and Games #

Applications #

Applications utilizing Sensible Contract as a contract solution:

TokenSwap     TokenSwap

TokenSwap is a combination of AMM and Dex built on top of Bitcoin SV blockchain using sCrypt and is utilizing Sensible Contract as its Token/NFT solution.

Volt     Volt

Volt is a wallet implemented with threshold technology and is integrating Sensible Contract as its Token/NFT solution.

MetaCoin     MetaCoin

MetaCoin is a series of tokens issued by the Open MetaNet Foundation Ltd, to incentivize users to use MetaID-related applications and create MetaID transactions. MetaCoin is based on Sensible Contract.

ShowApp     ShowApp

ShowApp is a MetaID-based social media App with a BSV wallet inside. It will support Sensible Contract as its token/NFT solution, and it will also support the Sensible token/NFT traded in Peer-to-Peer in the App.

Services #

Services supporting Sensible Contract as an app-layer protocol:

SensibleScan     SensibleScan

SensibleScan is a Sensible token/NFT and Sensible Contract explorer. With SensibleScan, users can view the details of every token/NFT and the smart contract based on Sensible.

Sensible API     Sensible API

Sensible API provides on-chain Sensible Contract related data querying for blockchain explorers.

MetaSV     MetaSV

MetaSV is a blockchain data service provider and is working on supporting tokens and NFTs created by Sensible Contract.

Games #

Overshoot     Overshoot

“Overshoot” is the very first 3D shooting game with the very first BSV-token embedded, and uses Sensible Contract as its Token/NFT solution.

Satoplay     SatoPlay

SatoPlay is a BSV-based mobile game platform and has done the integration with Sensible Contract as its Token/NFT solution.