Sensible Contract

2021-06-30 感应合约6月情况汇总

June 30, 2021
Sensible Contract, Sensible SDK

在列出 6 月份进展的汇总前,先简单说一下目前的情况——为了准备近期各个产品的上线,感应合约通过不断迭代,有了大幅的优化和安全性的提升。

  • 产品 & 组件
    • TokenSwap 测试上线中
    • MetaSV 对感应合约的查询支持
    • WitnessOnChain 上线
  • 其他
    • 合约审计 (sCrypt)
    • 会议记录
    • 结构图更新 (v0.1.6)
    • 新 Logo


2021.06 Joshua 对感应合约的采访

June 2, 2021
Sensible Contract

Sensible Contract Interview by Joshua # Sensible Contract # CoinGeek Interview Link: Token protocols on BSV: Sensible Contract 1. What can the Sensible Contract protocol provide that no other token protocol can? # Please let me clarify that Sensible Contract is not a token solution which competes which other ones (one use case of it does). It’s a contract model which provides on-chain back-tracing and collaborating for existing bitcoin scripts. ...